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NEW Naked Dishwasher Detergent Tablets - Antibacterial, Natural, Vegan, Fragrance-free, No Polymer Wrapping, PVA-free

NEW Naked Dishwasher Detergent Tablets - Antibacterial, Natural, Vegan, Fragrance-free, No Polymer Wrapping, PVA-free

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These are one of the only pods on the market that DO NOT have a plastic casing on the outside AND leave your dishes sparkling like new!!! Despite other brands advertising that their dishwasher pods are plastic-free, most are wrapped in polymer-based dissolvable casing which produces microplastics that leach into our waste water and are left on our dishware! 

These easy to use naked dishwasher pods are zero-waste, vegan, fragrance-free,100% plastic-free, PVA-free, and made with 100% naturally-derived ingredients and are for automatic dishwashers! Each pod naturally disinfects dirt and germs and eliminates grease! 

Save on shipping costs and storage space with these light weight, travel-friendly pods. 

Comes in a packs of 30 pods! (that's only $0.60 per load)

How to use

Drop 1 (or 2 for heavy extra dirty loads) tablet into your automatic dishwasher detergent dispenser or at the bottom of the dishwasher.

For extra disinfection, add your own non-toxic "rinse aid" by placing a small cup of distilled white vinegar on the top rack of your dishwasher or place a small amount of vinegar in the liquid rinse aid compartment in your dishwasher to mitigate the white film on your dishware. 

Store these pods in a moisture-free place.

Your impact

Cruelty-free, zero-waste, plastic-free, safe for grey water and septic systems, palm oil-free, microplastic-free. No water-weight decreases shipping costs and lessens your carbon footprint.


Sodium carbonate, disodium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, silicic acid, sodium salt, disodium disilicate, C16-18 Alcohol Ethoxylate subtilisin. See ingredient details below.


Recyclable or compostable packaging made with recycled paper materials.

Ingredient Details

Sodium Carbonate, commonly known as washing soda, is a salt composed of a sodium and acids. It absorbs odors because its a naturally basic compound which neutralizes acidic odors and also acts as a scouring and whitening agent. Because its an abrasive, it assists in breaking down and scrubbing grease, grime and gook on your household appliances. 

Disodium carbonate is in the production of glass, detergent, soap, and paper, and can be used as a food additive. It is widely distributed in nature, occurring as constituents of mineral waters and as solid minerals.

Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic liquid that in the past was typically used to treat cuts or other skin wounds, and kill germs. However, peroxide is often used in non-medical situations, including for cleaning, disinfecting and stain removal.

Silicic acid is a type of mild acid made from alcohols and silicon tetrachloride - thermally stable liquids employed as lubricants and hydraulic fluids made from acidifying certain silicate salts like sodium silicate in aqueous solution.

Disodium disilicate is degraded hydrolytically to monosilicate ions (water glass) that are identical to naturally occurring silicate which is widespread in nature. It is commonly used in detergents, cleaners and in powder laundry detergents as a builder. Used in water softening formulations to assist in scale and corrosion control.

C16-18 Alcohol Ethoxylate is a fatty alcohol and considered ecofriendly compared to surfactants like alkyl phenol ethoxylates/nonyl phenol ethoxylates (APE/NPE). It is typically used as a cleaning agent, or "surfactant," that can also be found in a variety of products including toothpaste and shampoos.

Subtilisin are proteolytic enzymes, mainly (>90 %) used in detergents and household cleaning products to remove proteinaceous deposits and stains. Subtilisins are of bacterial origin, and are produced by a fermentation process.



If these pods are consumed in great amounts, these ingredients can cause irritation to internal tissues and stomach problems. If ingested, please contact a medical professional immediately.